Environmental sustainability is crucial. That’s why Lofts Quarries is proud to offer recycled crushed concrete as part of our product range, in an effort to help minimise building waste.

Our recycled concrete can be used in a variety of applications including road construction, paths, walkways, raised garden beds, retaining walls, terraced gardens and as a drainage aggregate. Recycled crushed concrete is a truly resourceful and sustainable alternative to crushed rock.

Our recycled concrete is sourced from leading recyclers around Victoria, ensuring a quality product at competitive prices.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed Concrete & Brick

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Our range includes:

  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Class 4
  • Stabilised Material (Cement Treated)
  • B-Grade (BCR)
  • Fine Crushed Rock (FCR)
  • Access Material (Rubble)