Sustainability Policy

Global and local business environments are increasingly shaped by the impact of our changing climate, with rising temperatures, increasing pollution and waste, and reduced natural resources. It is the responsibility of business to lead the community in creating sustainable ways of living that help preserve our environment for current and future generations.

At Lofts we recognise our responsibility, as part of the global community, to follow and promote the use Solutions of ecologically sustainable practices, throughout our business activities.

Sustainability is a commitment that encompasses every aspect of our work, from living our corporate values, through to the delivery of environmentally sustainable solutions that are economically viable for all stakeholders.

We are committed to providing quality professional services in a manner that is grounded in environmental responsibility, as well as compatible with the needs of the community and environment in which we live and work.

Sustainability provides Lofts with a platform for focussing upon and enhancing good business practices, which in turn will contribute to the overall performance of the company, and the quality of our environment.

Social Sustainability                    

  • We communicate and work with stakeholders to ensure that we deliver optimal solutions;
  • We work ethically, with professionalism and integrity;
  • We have a healthy culture aligned with our values and objectives;
  • We maintain a diverse and flexible workplace;
  • We promote training and innovation in the workplace;
  • We inform and encourage our people to live and work in a sustainable manner.

Economic Sustainability                                

  • We operate as an economically healthy business;
  • We produce and deliver in an economically sustainable manner.

Environmental Sustainability      

  • We are continually working to make our workplace increasingly environmentally sustainable, in a way that supports employees, clients and our corporate objectives;
  • We produce and deliver in line with best environmental practice and standards;
  • We include the principles of ecologically sustainable development in planning and decision making on all projects;
  • We will reduce waste and the consumption of natural resources in our operations, including purchasing in an environmentally responsible manner, and reusing and recycling office waste wherever possible.